Taylor Implement saves time valuing equipment using the HeavyWorth platform

Taylor Implement Company sells Claas, JCB, Kioti and Deutz-Fahr at its locations in Hoxie, Kansas; Greely, Colorado, and Yuma, Colorado. They've been using the HeavyWorth platform to handle the valuation process for their used equipment trade-ins for the last several months. Last month we caught up with Kyle Taylor, the GM at Taylor Implement, and asked him how HeavyWorth has been working for his company.


You know there's real value with the HeavyWorth app. It's a time saver, not only for myself but also for the salesmen who are out in the field. It allows them not to have to come back to the office to download everything and then upload back over to me. So it's quicker and it keeps the salesman out in the field where he needs to be.

Our customers really expect us to get back to them with a quote in a timely manner and this application has helped us tremendously and has really streamlined and made the whole process a whole lot better.

You know we really didn't have any uniformity. We had guys sending in texts with pictures. We had Dropbox being used, emails — it was just a hodgepodge of different ways to do it and this has really streamlined the whole process and I just can't believe how much time is saved, not only for myself but also the salesman. 

There's really hardly any training. A salesman can learn how to use it properly in about 10 minutes. It's very intuitive. It's very easy to step through the whole process and manage it. It's just easy.

Everybody's using it now and it's been a big hit for all the salesmen. Every day I have somebody say, "You know, this is so much easier. I really like this app."

Since we are spread out — we have three locations in Kansas and Colorado — we have salesmen out everywhere and the nice thing is everything syncs at the same time. So we could have three salesmen doing an evaluation at exactly the same time. Those are all going to come through simultaneously.

Since we're diversified with lots of different product offerings, we don't have to have a separate system for construction and ag so it all works together. You know the cost has been very minimal compared to what it has saved us —  not only in time for the salesman to keep them in the field — and also my workload. So if you're looking at finding something to make your life easier and you need a way to do better valuations of equipment, the HeavyWorth app is definitely the way to go.


If you're interested in learning more about how the HeavyWorth valuation platform can help your dealership streamline its valuation process, or you're interested in jumping right in to a free trial to see it in action for yourself, let us know!