Introducing Glenda Wegener

Glenda Wegener is HeavyWorth's go-to resource for lenders and the financial services industry. It's no accident that our lender clients trust her to help them incorporate HeavyWorth's software and services into their equipment evaluation processes — her background makes her uniquely suited to relate the needs of accurate and current collateral valuations to the challenges of assigning values to farm and construction equipment.

Glenda WegenerGlenda is no stranger to hard work in rural America. A native of northwestern Kansas, she grew up on a farm in a community so small that one teacher taught four grades. Later, she attended school in Norton, Kansas, and spent summers driving a tractor.

Glenda's time working in the insurance industry gave her experience not only in sales and claims but also in leadership and project management. She's very aware how important it is to properly document an asset's condition to accurately assess its value.

Her most recent career prior to HeavyWorth was in the financial services industry. This work with vendors in the banking industry affords her a unique insight now that she's focused on helping lenders leverage the HeavyWorth platform and services to help them value equipment.

Glenda jumped at the opportunity to join HeavyWorth in early 2019. "Working in the banking industry, you realize how important it is to have the loan secured by collateral in case something goes wrong.  The development of the software and valuation services was something that was needed in the market and I wanted to be a part of it."

As a part of such a small yet capable team, Glenda says there's still no such thing as an average day with everyone having to regularly handle so many different opportunities. Her focus, though, is centered around serving our existing clients as well as spreading the word that HeavyWorth has a better way to value equipment to those lenders who haven't yet heard of us.

Glenda Wegener in meetingWhen Glenda's not burning up the telephone for HeavyWorth, she likes to spend time outside riding horses, walking and hiking. She enjoys bowling, golfing, playing pickleball — any activity that lets her have fun with friends. She has a son, two sisters and a brother, and takes every opportunity to cook and try out new recipes for them — to the point that she accidentally became the designated cook for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Glenda is always available to answer any questions about how HeavyWorth can help lenders, appraisers, attorneys and dealers simplify their equipment valuation processes or augment their appraisal services by leveraging our team of experts. Contact her any time at