Repeat and recurring valuations

The HeavyWorth platform streamlines the valuation process, making it easier to assign accurate values to used equipment by organizing all the information in one place. We've examined how HeavyWorth saves time and improves accuracy for dealerships when they first value possible trade-ins, but today let's see how HeavyWorth's ability to catalog and store information can help with subsequent valuations of the same equipment for not only dealerships but other industries.

yellow_line (1)It's not uncommon for an equipment owner to consider upgrading a piece of equipment. That upgrade is often contingent on the valuation of the current equipment. A salesperson might make a call on the owner to make an offer on what the owner has to trade. When that trade doesn't happen, the owner continues to use his equipment.

Months go by and eventually the owner decides something has changed and wants to try again. Without HeavyWorth, the dealer would have to hunt for the records of the previous valuation — through email, Dropbox, file systems, etc. — in hopes of not having to capture all the information and pictures again. With HeavyWorth, all past valuation work is neatly organized into catalogs and stored indefinitely and securely so that it can be searched easily by owner name or equipment type. Now the salesperson can update the hours, add pictures if necessary and have the new valuation assigned based on today's market without capturing all the information again.

Dealerships aren't our only customers who benefit from the archived catalogs that HeavyWorth stores. We also offer valuation services for companies who don't have professional valuation experts on staff. It's not uncommon for employee-owned companies to require regular and routine valuations of entire equipment inventories. By using HeavyWorth to capture, organize and store all the information about their equipment, these recurring valuations are less expensive and less time-consuming.

HeavyWorth equipment catalogs are always easily accessible, whether it's a valuation from yesterday or years ago. Contact us today to learn how HeavyWorth can work to store and retrieve your valuation information to make future work easier.