The HeavyWorth app protects against disasters with cloud sync

HeavyWorth provides software for dealers and lenders to streamline their valuation processes. But we're also a services company, and one of the services we provide is on-site, turn-key valuations of equipment. Last month, I had an assignment to capture information and pictures of a trucking fleet in another state for a lending institution. Since the trucks were over-the-road during the week, we had to schedule the site visit on a Saturday. Because it was an out-of-state trip, I didn't arrive back home until late Saturday evening with all the photos, VINs and other details of the trucks safely on my phone. 

I operate a small farm on the side when I'm not working for HeavyWorth, so I got up early on Sunday and set out to drill a cover crop without turning on a computer to offload the pictures from my phone. Late in the afternoon on Sunday, when my Bluetooth devices all disconnected simultaneously, I knew something was very wrong. My phone had fallen out of the door when I went out to check the drill and, once I resumed, it found its way directly under a high pressure, no-till, double-disc opener.

0321211730_HDRI was worried about several things that I would never be able to recover from my phone, but one thing I didn't have to worry about was losing all the work from the day before. Because the HeavyWorth app syncs everything in real time, I knew all of the photos and information were already safe and sound in the cloud.

Disaster can strike at any time. How many salespeople go visit a client with a potential trade-in on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday and wait until Monday to send in the pictures for the evaluation? How many lenders send someone to inspect collateral who loses the notes before making it back to the office? 

While there are other apps that can sync photos and other apps that can sync information to the cloud, the beauty of the HeavyWorth platform is that photos and asset details are all stored in one place and synced immediately so there's never any question about where the data is — or worry about a phone that gets destroyed shortly after leaving the site visit.

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