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Man using mobile phone in front of construction equipment

Five must-have features for a heavy equipment appraisal app

When you're searching for an app for doing heavy equipment appraisals, it's crucial to understand what is important to look for. Apps for general personal property appraisals probably aren't going to function nearly as well as an app specifically for appraisals of construction equipment, ag equipment, fleet vehicles and other heavy equipment. Consider the following list of must-have features when searching for a heavy equipment valuation app.

Aaron Traffas | Software features | June 7, 2022
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Ruined mobile phone

The HeavyWorth app protects against disasters with cloud sync

HeavyWorth provides software for dealers and lenders to streamline their valuation processes. But we're also a services company, and one of the services we provide is on-site, turn-key valuations of equipment. Last month, I had an assignment to capture information and pictures of a trucking fleet in another state for a lending institution. Since the trucks were over-the-road during the week, we had to schedule the site visit on a Saturday. Because it was an out-of-state trip, I didn't arrive back home until late Saturday evening with all the photos, VINs and other details of the trucks safely on my phone. 

Aaron Traffas | Software features | May 12, 2021
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