Equipment values from HeavyWorth

HeavyWorth provides a software platform for equipment dealerships to streamline their own evaluation processes and free themselves from the many disconnected tools that are trying to do the same thing - to put the right pictures and information in front of their evaluators. However, there are other industries like lenders, estate planners, attorneys and insurance companies who may not have professional equipment evaluators on staff. They need values assigned to equipment that isn't being remarketed or traded in, and they need a trusted third party to step in and help. Let's take a look today at what we call the HeavyWorth value.

ValuationEvaluations, appraisals, estimates, valuations— different words describe the process of determining the value of equipment and each can have different meanings and requirements based on context and industry. We get it. We understand the difference among types of liquidation values and have the expertise to get it right.

What we find most useful to the majority of our clients is what we call the HeavyWorth value. It's an opinion of value, on a specific date, consisting of a willing buyer, willing seller with adequate marketing and a sufficient amount of accurate facts presented.

HeavyWorth uses myriad sources to generate our results, including realized prices from multiple auction sites, professionals with many years of experience, dealership listings and other aggregate price data from proprietary sources. We compare each item we value against the current market dynamics and factor in the attributes captured by our mobile app. The HeavyWorth value goes beyond just an average of recent comparable sales — by leveraging our human expertise in addition to the data, we're able to assign values that are more current and relevant than a simple database search can provide.

Our process is designed to be easy and efficient, yet still satisfy nearly all lender and estate planning needs. For clients with more stringent requirements, we can also generate USPAP-compliant appraisals for additional fees.

The end result is an orderly catalog of all the equipment in one document that can be printed or saved as a PDF. It's also stored in our web app for easy access in the future.

When you need cost-effective, reliable values assigned to ag and construction equipment, HeavyWorth can help. Contact us to get started at