Heavy equipment storage decisions can influence value

Equipment maintenance and management decisions can have a direct impact on valuations. We asked Bill Albaugh if he paid attention to how equipment was stored when performing his valuations and how storage choices can impact equipment values.

I do, because you normally can tell one that's been stored outside because the paint's faded. That's a big key because paint quality on a piece of equipment makes a huge difference because if you're the next buyer and you're going to take a look at that piece of equipment and the paint's all faded, you start looking deeper because then you don't think the equipment has been taken care of as well. A lot of times what you'll see in the marketing is "it's always been shedded." Being in the shed and out of the elements makes a huge difference. Number one — paint quality. Number two — it starts easier on an engine. It's no different than a car. You know, if it starts inside and it's been stored in the winter and it's easier to start it's a lot easier on an engine than starting it in minus 20 degrees.

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