Getting top dollar for your equipment trade-in

One of the questions we are frequently asked is how someone can prepare equipment before the valuation in order to receive top-dollar for his or her trade-in. We posed that question to Bill Albaugh who suggested a few tips to get equipment ready before calling the dealership to come take a look.

A number of years ago, I ran a Case construction dealership in central Iowa. Farmers would come in to buy skid steers. They'd come in to buy tractor loader backhoes. We put new tires on the skid steer — new tires and a new seat. That made all the difference in the world to the way — farmers liking this skid steer over another skid steer because that one had new tires and a new seat. Tractor loader backhoes were the same thing. The cab was clean. The windows were clean and it made a huge difference. 

When you go to trade your vehicle in to the automobile dealership, you know you usually vacuum it up, clean the dash, clean the windows, clean all the stuff out of it, wash it, wax it — so you get your best dollar. The same theory that goes for ag or construction equipment to get your best value is clean it up. Have some pride in it. Clean the windows. Clean the cab out. Wash it. It all makes it stand up and adds to the value. I can tell you I've evaluated equipment for years and years and years and if you see something that's got nothing but mud and oil all over it, it makes a difference in my eyes on the equipment value because you don't think it's been taken care of.


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