The minimum amount of information to value equipment

At HeavyWorth, we work with a lot of evaluators. In conversations both with the users of our software  platform as well as our own evaluators one thing is clear — they all require a minimum amount of information to assign a value to a piece of equipment.

While the specific information required differs a bit between asset types, the basic requirements are the same. It's important to know what the asset is, how old it is and how much it's been used. It's also important to know the condition.

Using HeavyWorth app to photograph odometer in truck tractorSatisfying these requirements for a single asset is usually fairly straightforward, but when you have several different kinds of equipment, each with ID numbers and usage meters in different places, it's easy to miss capturing an important piece of information.

It doesn't take long to realize the importance of finding a streamlined solution. HeavyWorth does just that — our checklist guides the user through recording everything necessary and the photos document the condition of the assets and verify the ID numbers and usage meters.

Professional evaluators won't risk their reputations by trying to assign a value to an asset without enough information. If the year, make or model is missing, or there aren't enough photos to accurately convey the condition of the asset, many won't even guess at the value until these requirements are properly satisfied or they'll be forced to provide a range that's as wide as the amount of missing information.

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