Three reasons professional appraisers still use HeavyWorth valuations

HeavyWorth offers a variety of solutions to streamline the equipment appraisal process. These solutions are frequently provided in various combinations but all essentially fit into two buckets — software and services. Our software and mobile apps make it easy to capture information and organize it into reports to present to clients or for archival purposes. Our services are an efficient way to assign trusted values to equipment. Some of our clients employ a mixture of both our software and our services, while some only use one or the other.

Many of our software clients have their own teams of evaluators. Equipment dealerships and some lending institutions have professionals on staff who know the value of equipment and are excellent evaluators who just need our software to make their jobs easier. They usually bristle at the thought of engaging us to perform valuations for them, since it's what they do every day and they're good at it.


There are, however, several example situations where even professional evaluators look to us to perform valuations of equipment. Let's take a look at some of these scenarios.

SBA loans
We frequently perform valuations for lenders working on SBA loans. Acting as a trusted third party, we provide the fair market value (FLV), orderly liquidation value (OLV) and even forced liquidation value (FLV) when requested.

Valuators with too much work
Sometimes there are jobs too large for the appraisal staff at a lending institution to handle on their own in the allotted time. Sometimes there are too many trade-in opportunities for a dealership's evaluators to tackle in a timely manner. They look to HeavyWorth to step in and supplement their existing valuation capacity so they can meet deadlines or not have to lose business opportunities.

Assets outside the expertise of the valuators
There are dealerships who focus nearly exclusively on one type of equipment or another. Some lenders have staff who are very experienced and familiar with ag equipment but not construction equipment or vice versa. When presented with the opportunity or the necessity to value equipment outside the core of their expertise, they turn to HeavyWorth. We know the value of ag equipment, construction equipment and fleet assets, so we're always available to appraise any type of heavy equipment.

These are the most common scenarios when evaluators utilize our services, they aren't the only examples. The point is that even for customers who only use our software platform, we're still here when they need us to lend a hand and perform valuation services. If you're interested in our software or our services, don't hesitate to contact us today!