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Bill Albaugh explains that there is still demand for equipment with engines that don't meet the Tier 4 emissions standards.

Current demand for engines that don't require DEF

When the Tier 4 emissions standards began to require the use of diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, in heavy equipment engines roughly a decade ago, we saw a prolonged demand for older equipment that didn't meet the standards. We asked Bill Albaugh if that demand still influences older equipment values or if enough time has passed that it's no longer relevant.

Aaron Traffas | Equipment values | July 14, 2021
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Bill Albaugh describes the process he uses to defend his valuations of heavy equipment to customers who claim the values are too low.

Defending equipment valuations to customers who insist the trade-in offer is too low

Often a producer or construction contractor looking to trade-in a piece of equipment is motivated to look for the highest value possible. It's common for such a customer to come to the table with preconceived notions of the value of the equipment based on a cursory search of for-sale listings on various websites or past auction results from local auctioneers. We asked Bill Albaugh what he says to a customer who is claiming his trade-in valuation is too low.

Aaron Traffas | Equipment values | July 7, 2021
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HW software update (web app) June 2021

We have enhanced our website with a new feature we would like to point out to customers, users, or just anyone interested. While using the website (web app), you are able to sort the column(s) in the catalog which will flow to the exported catalog, helping with organization or ease of use. You are able to sort one column or multiple by holding down the shift key and clicking on the column header text in the order of relevance for you. It isn't permanent so keep clicking until you have the sort order you prefer, then export the catalog and retain the sort. Simple, right? 

Marabeth Tyler | Release notes | June 27, 2021
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Ruined mobile phone

The HeavyWorth app protects against disasters with cloud sync

HeavyWorth provides software for dealers and lenders to streamline their valuation processes. But we're also a services company, and one of the services we provide is on-site, turn-key valuations of equipment. Last month, I had an assignment to capture information and pictures of a trucking fleet in another state for a lending institution. Since the trucks were over-the-road during the week, we had to schedule the site visit on a Saturday. Because it was an out-of-state trip, I didn't arrive back home until late Saturday evening with all the photos, VINs and other details of the trucks safely on my phone. 

Aaron Traffas | Software features | May 12, 2021
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